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Lights, Camera, Sold!

Home staging simply is the act of interior designing a home that is to be sold.

However SIDC, LLC stages your home to enhance it's interior & exterior attractiveness to potential home buyers.

At SIDC, LLC we believe that a visual impact will leave a lasting impression of your home . We design with the skill to emphasize your home's architectural features and showcase the homes functionality. We ensure that any buyer who visits your home, can immediately visualize living in your home and enjoying its day to day possibilities.

Did you know that your home can earn 3% more than the initial asking price when staged by SIDC, LLC? According to studies done by Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) "a home can be on the market an average of 263 days unstaged vs 60 days staged. That is 78% less time on the market, when considering the amount of time in addition to expenses such as mortgage and real estate agent fees, utilities, ect it is well worth it to the home seller to stage the home!"

We focus on Lights- strategically placing them in poor lit areas, and areas in need of highlighting but also adding the right types of lighting. Did you know that a well lit hallway can make an entrance/foyer fell bigger & more inviting?

We assist in Camera shots and angles- as you can imagine in this day & age everything is on social media, why not post about the house you are selling? At SIDC, LLC we know just how to take professional grade photos and how to post them to entice onlookers who could be very interested in your home at any time of the day and from anywhere in the world your options are truly endless.

And... our "action" or goal is to get the home SOLD. We at SIDC, LLC will ensure we team up with you and your real estate agent do just that, our seamless plan helps you get organized, stay focus and on or below your budget until the home is sold, we even encourage potential buyers to check out your home through our website.

Contact SIDC, LLC for your complementary 30-minute Home Staging Consultation and you home can be, Lights, Camera...Sold!

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